SharePoint Access Denied Error

Some time back I had an issue with a SP2007 site. Users were getting the Access Denied error in the front end site. I couldn’t even log in with a Farm Administrator site! I could get to CA though. I spent days searching and trying different things, messing with permissions, etc. Eventually I stumbled upon a page with information about the SetSiteLock feature.

So I check the site lock setting with this script:

stsadm -o getsitelock -url http://server_name

Lo and behold it was set to readonly, which makes you think that you could access it. In this case however, no one could access it! So when I set the SetSiteLock to none, it was fixed. So I found that while the server was performing a backup, Windows Update came along and applied updates. Naturally it kindly restarted the server for me, leaving the site in Readonly (but somehow locked) status. Since the powers that be would not let ME control the Windows Updates, I scheduled backups to NOT coincide. I’ve never had that issue come up since.


“Required permissions cannot be acquired” error after SharePoint 2007 SP2 Install

I recently installed SP2 on a SharePoint 2007 instance. In order to migrate SP2007 content to SP2010 you need to have SP2 installed. So when I installed SP2, another .NET application on the server got jacked and I got the “required permissions cannot be acquired” error when trying to access the site. The issue was that the WSS_Minimal trust level got applied to the custom application. So once I found the web.config that was controlling the application I upped the trust level to Full. That fixed things, but it also upped the trust level for SharePoint to Full. And of course we all know we can’t fully trust SharePoint, right? So after much googling, and changing the (COPY OF) web.config I just removed the trust level tag entirely and both SharePoint and the .NET site work like a charm!