Degree in SharePoint?

The other day I was contacted by a recruiter for a SharePoint position. She was telling my about the job, and the mentioned that it required a 4 year degree. So in my reply email I asked what college taught SharePoint. She replied back that it was a learned skill. Exactly, I said! I realize that it’s desirable for IT people to have a wide range of knowledge, but isn’t there enough to learn and know about SharePoint that a degree should not be a hard requirement? Thoughts on this?


One comment on “Degree in SharePoint?

  1. Recruiters are just passing along the requirements for their customer. Some corporations (and government) just require a 4-year degree as a policy, which is stupid (like most rigid policies).

    It should not be a hard requirements, an MCSE makes more sense but even then the best measure is a good interview.


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