Microsoft is Dead?!?

Seems every day I read about the death of SharePoint, should Microsoft kill SharePoint, etc. I’m not concerned. Remember the mainframe computer (or at least reading about them in Intro to Computers)? They were declared obsolete and a thing of the past over 20 years ago. Yet they are still churning away, reliably processing a gazillion records per second with nary a reboot and less than 5 seconds downtime per year! As far as computing has come, and as amazing as the devices we have now there hasn’t been a machine developed that can compete against the mainframe with the balance of power and reliability. And…mountains and mountains of legacy data are housed in the mainframe system. How does this relate to SharePoint, you ask? It runs on the Windows platform, which is as fragile as a snowflake is a forest fire. Companies have invested quite a lot of their IT infrastructure into Windows products, and they all integrate seamlessly with each other (just ask the marketing department). Plus, the Microsoft Office Suite. People can’t live without Word and Excel, and it’s a proven fact that executives crave the PowerPoint. While a Microsoft shop is not as deeply entrenched as the mainframe guys, the principle holds true. Change is difficult, and migrating all that data to something new is in most cases a bridge too far. Predicitng the end of this product or that company is nothing new. Consider this “Microsoft is Dead” article circa 2007.


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