Care and Feeding of Your SharePoint Sapling

This article by Wendy Neal illustrates what I try to communicate to businesses about their SharePoint investment. Most companies install the product and point users to the URL. That’s like planting a sapling, and then walking away from it! Don’t blame the sapling that doesn’t grow because you don’t provide care for and feed it. No wonder people don’t like saplings!

Microsoft’s Newest Product – Fuse!

Microsoft’s newest product – Fuse – will revolutionize your life. It is a smart home solution that will let you control all appliances and systems within the home. You can track usage patterns to increase efficiency and spot trends with your family’s utilities usage. In addition, this product will allow you to track all manner of information like grocery inventory – automatically updated by the shopping list feature, budget info, birthday and anniversary reminders, auto maintenance tracker, Christmas wish list, ability to turn on reminders for any aspect of any bit of information, and more. This piece of software is available as an app for the XBox One, and all this information is available from the also brand new Microsoft smartphone (cool new name yet to come!). Imagine having all this information at your fingertips at any time! The information is secure and invisible to even the NSA due to double secret encryption techniques and some other tech I can’t divulge at this time. Don’t tell anyone, but this product is really a scaled down version of SharePoint. Naturally it has been re-branded into a consumer version with lots of content types geared toward the homeowner. A re-branding of the product has been a long time coming don’t you think? Obviously, this is not a real product from Microsoft. At least not yet! I could see it all coming together though with the recent moves the company has made.

Cloudy With a Chance of Mobiles?

Nadella’s new mantra for Microsoft is “mobile first, cloud first.” While the company has been in the cloud for some time, the mobile first seems to be a shift. And a needed one at that. I feel that this new CEO can bring an excitement to the software maker similar to what Jobs did for Apple. In my mind I can already see him on stage in that blue hoodie promoting the newest mobile device. Nadella ought to drive hard toward a groundbreaking new mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. It should be an advance over the Apple/Google products currently on the market and finally give the Microsoft crowd a reason to not own an iOS or Android product. I’m not talking about a shot across the bow of its competitors, but a kill shot aimed at pulling customers back to a device with Windows OS. Oh yeah, time the rollout of this device with the rollout of Windows 9 as well. And let this device be customizable by its owner. They paid for it after all, and they should be able to replace a broken screen or old battery themselves. Am I setting my sights too high? For the first time in years I’m excited about the future of Microsoft!

Does Nadella Love SharePoint?

As a SharePoint professional, I have watched with anticipation as Microsoft searched for a new CEO. Now that Nadella has been named for the post, I find myself wondering what this means for SharePoint. As former head of the cloud and enterprise group he knows the profitability and importance of the product within the company. I wonder if he will aim SharePoint more toward the mobile platform and away from desktops. Mobile SharePoint has been available for several versions now, but the mobile component always seemed to me like an afterthought. Since that is the direction computing is headed it would make sense to drive SharePoint there too. I think the hiring of Nadella is a very good thing for Microsoft. He looks to add some youthful exuberance to what has historically been seen as a stodgy, slow-moving behemoth. Exciting days ahead!