Cloudy With a Chance of Mobiles?

Nadella’s new mantra for Microsoft is “mobile first, cloud first.” While the company has been in the cloud for some time, the mobile first seems to be a shift. And a needed one at that. I feel that this new CEO can bring an excitement to the software maker similar to what Jobs did for Apple. In my mind I can already see him on stage in that blue hoodie promoting the newest mobile device. Nadella ought to drive hard toward a groundbreaking new mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. It should be an advance over the Apple/Google products currently on the market and finally give the Microsoft crowd a reason to not own an iOS or Android product. I’m not talking about a shot across the bow of its competitors, but a kill shot aimed at pulling customers back to a device with Windows OS. Oh yeah, time the rollout of this device with the rollout of Windows 9 as well. And let this device be customizable by its owner. They paid for it after all, and they should be able to replace a broken screen or old battery themselves. Am I setting my sights too high? For the first time in years I’m excited about the future of Microsoft!


2 comments on “Cloudy With a Chance of Mobiles?

  1. You are echoing my thoughts on it as well. Even more importantly than a feature rich device, if Microsoft could just get everything to work together they would have a market sweeping success story.
    If I could get my phone (currently windows phone user, sometimes with regret) to integrate fairly seamlessly with my different workstations (personal and work) as well as offer a managed BYOD structure at work? I would be all in on Microsoft. As it is, I have to pull teeth to not stovepipe my different platforms into my different aspects of life (work, personal, general social networking).
    Microsoft is currently prolific and slipping but still has a lion’s share. If they leveraged that and just made everything work together based on cloud capabilities (as you say) then I have high hopes for them.
    But that’s just IMO.


    • Robert, it seems that is they way they are going. MS is a huge bureaucracy though. I wonder how long it will take for Nadella to get the company moving in a more agile manner as he has expressed. I know there are plenty of people willing to help push!


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