Need a Repository? Don’t Use SharePoint! (with video)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this phrase: “We use SharePoint as a document repository.” And I’m pretty fed up with it! If all you need is a place to store document use Dropbox or Google Docs. Anything but SharePoint. Please use anything other than SharePoint for this. For one thing, you are wasting money. I realize you can spend your organization’s money however you want. But when you promote SharePoint as a “repository” it cheapens the brand. Using SharePoint as a “repository” is like buying a Ferrari to deliver newspapers. Sure it will do it, but it’s capable of SO much more. So if all you need is a repository, use something else. However, if you want to take the Ferrari for a few laps around the Nurburgring find a SharePoint professional to be your pit crew chief.

And here is a gratuitous video of a Ferrari going round the ‘Ring. What, your SharePoint site doesn’t sound like that?!? 🙂

This Will Change Your Views on SharePoint

Often when I am creating views in SharePoint the properties of the view will change, yet the name stays the same. I figure the name is not that important, since it’s sort of under the hood. Technically it’s not, since users can pretty easily find it. Most users will not though. If our clients set up document libraries the way we ask them to there will be a great amount of data, neatly organized by smart metadata right? Except for alerts that is. If I am in the IT department I’m probably not interested in docs for HR and Finance. So for me to create a meaningful alert on the slice of data that I want updates for the view names need to be useful and accurate! Just something to keep in mind now that we can create view alerts in SP2013 and O365. And now I suppose I should go and check all my view names.