This Will Change Your Views on SharePoint

Often when I am creating views in SharePoint the properties of the view will change, yet the name stays the same. I figure the name is not that important, since it’s sort of under the hood. Technically it’s not, since users can pretty easily find it. Most users will not though. If our clients set up document libraries the way we ask them to there will be a great amount of data, neatly organized by smart metadata right? Except for alerts that is. If I am in the IT department I’m probably not interested in docs for HR and Finance. So for me to create a meaningful alert on the slice of data that I want updates for the view names need to be useful and accurate! Just something to keep in mind now that we can create view alerts in SP2013 and O365. And now I suppose I should go and check all my view names.

Care and Feeding of Your SharePoint Sapling

This article by Wendy Neal illustrates what I try to communicate to businesses about their SharePoint investment. Most companies install the product and point users to the URL. That’s like planting a sapling, and then walking away from it! Don’t blame the sapling that doesn’t grow because you don’t provide care for and feed it. No wonder people don’t like saplings!

I Don’t Wanna Go – My SP2010 Tantrum

I don’t want to upgrade beyond SharePoint 2010, at least not right now. I’ve seen 2013, and it’s got some pretty cool features. It also lacks some things that made it easy to customize. I know that 2013 was built so that we the developers couldn’t play around with things that Microsoft feels you shouldn’t have access to unless you have a Little Orphan Annie SharePoint decoder ring or something. And I’m still a bit resentful about that. 2010 is a good solution, and provides a scalable customizable platform upon which you can do a great many things. There are lots of free solutions that extend it further, and virtually limitless aftermarket bolt-ons if you want to go that route. It’s not that I don’t want to learn about the new version, I just don’t think the new version is good enough (yet) to make the jump. I suppose that eventually I will have to. Probably right after I upgrade my home PC from Windows XP.

First Look at SharePoint 2013

I have built a SharePoint 2013 instance in the cloud using tutorial from Keith Mayer I’m very excited to get going with this thing, and see what 2013 can do out of the box! I just accepted a job offer, and the company will be migrating to SP2013 ASAP. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found a great quick overview/tutorial to get me started. I’ll be poking around in it for the next few weeks.

Am I Getting Behind?

I’m still working with SharePoint 2010 because that is what my customer just migrated to. Am I getting too far behind in SharePoint land? I feel somewhat stressed because all the SP frontrunners are all talking about 2013, and one even mentioned SPNext! This is all overwhelming and I wonder if I’m hurting my career by not getting up to speed with 2013. Since my customer just went to 2010, I am still learning some things about that. Do I need to brush up on some 2013 courseware to stay abreast of the technology? Does anyone else feel like they are having a hard time staying afloat with SharePoint?

SharePoint Access Denied Error

Some time back I had an issue with a SP2007 site. Users were getting the Access Denied error in the front end site. I couldn’t even log in with a Farm Administrator site! I could get to CA though. I spent days searching and trying different things, messing with permissions, etc. Eventually I stumbled upon a page with information about the SetSiteLock feature.

So I check the site lock setting with this script:

stsadm -o getsitelock -url http://server_name

Lo and behold it was set to readonly, which makes you think that you could access it. In this case however, no one could access it! So when I set the SetSiteLock to none, it was fixed. So I found that while the server was performing a backup, Windows Update came along and applied updates. Naturally it kindly restarted the server for me, leaving the site in Readonly (but somehow locked) status. Since the powers that be would not let ME control the Windows Updates, I scheduled backups to NOT coincide. I’ve never had that issue come up since.