SharePoint Supercharger?

I love cars. I like to work on them, watch shows about them, and occasionally buy and sell them. I dream of one day owning a classic car that I restore with my son. I can imagine Saturday mornings with him leaning over the fender and pointing out different parts of a motor and how to fix what is broken. One day I envision him and I running a speed shop where we take classic cars like 57 Chevys and Porsche 911s, and restore and modify them to go faster. Most of the time though I find myself fixing my broke down (non-classic) car in my disorganized garage. Where are the vintage automotive signs on the walls and the pegboard neatly organizing my tools? I don’t have a nice clean workbench to do precision work, just a random box to lay tools and parts on. While I fancy myself one day an owner and restorer of classic cars, it seems a far cry from the shadetree mechanic I am today. Working with SharePoint often seems like that to me. I dream of one day building the perfect app or plug-in to “supercharge” SharePoint, but most days I end up fiddling with what is broken or finding workarounds to what doesn’t quite work.